"Al-Tareeq courses provide a recreational way of teaching which encouraged students to pay attention...we were treated as equals which gave us confidence to speak our ideas with pride" - Hind Majdi, former Al-Tareeq Student

Team and Mentors

Our business model is simple: to use the profits from our private school programs to fund our refugee courses, ensuring that no refugee ever pay for an Al-Tareeq service.

Our team is comprised of recent college graduates and established entrepreneurship and Arabic culture professors. With the help of these professors, we have worked to ensure our curriculum delivers the essential and relevant entrepreneurial content to all of our students.

Aboudi Al-Qattan

Aboudi was born in Houston, raised in London, but is originally Palestinian. He attended the American School of London for high school before doing an additional Post-Graduate year at Kimball Union Academy. Having recently graduated from Babson College, Aboudi is passionate about inciting social change in the Middle East. In September he will be moving to Amman, Jordan, to work as an analyst for Dash Ventures while also working to ensure that Al-Tareeq continues to grow.

Hamza Bilbeisi

Hamza Bilbeisi was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, and also has British Citizenship. After attending the American Community School of Amman, Hamza also decided to pursue further education at Babson College, specifically focusing on Entrepreneurship and Technology. As a result of these academic pursuits, Hamza’s input has been integral to the growth and development of Al-Tareeq as an organization.


Stefano was born in Italy, but he has been working and studying in France, Germany, Denmark, South East Asia, England, and United States. His passion for entrepreneurship brought him to join the team and help Aboudi in this amazing journey during his stay at Hec Paris.

Louissa Abdelghany

Professor Abdelghany received a Licence de Litérature Comparée in Arabic and French Literature from The Lebanese University in Lebanon and a Masters and Ph.D. in French Literature from Boston College. She is extremely passionate about the Middle East and jumped on board as soon as she was approached with the idea.

Mary Gale

Ms. Gale is an entrepreneur, business leader, and consultant with over 20 years of strategic, marketing, and operations experience across a broad range of industries including software-based services, diagnostics, telecommunications, surface preparation, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods and education.

Lakshmi Balachandra

Lakshmi Balachandra is a leading expert in improvisation, negotiation and entrepreneurial pitching. She is Fellow in the Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where she examines the impact of gender on entrepreneurial success in acquiring early- stage funding.